Unmatched Performance

Experience an unparalleled level of performance that no other PC can match. Featuring a custom liquid delivery system and pre-routed power for graphics cards, this is our most advanced PC to date.

Liquid Distribution System

A custom engineered water block located behind the motherboard tray distributes fluid throughout the chassis, eliminating the need to modify the entire liquid cooling system for upgrades or maintenance.

This is Not Your Average PC

Designed from the ground up with a focus on unmatched accessibility and modularity, AVENTUM PRO unlocks maximum power from even the most extreme hardware configurations.

Integrated Fluid Ports

Quickly disconnect your liquid cooled hardware without having to tear down the entire cooling system. AVENTUM PRO features fixed inlet and outlet ports located on the motherboard tray.

Integrated Power Panel

Easily upgrade or replace GPUs with AVENTUM’s custom engineered PCIe power panel. Located above the graphics cards, you will no longer need to mess with cable management.

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